THE DRAGON’S RING is now available.

I’m excited to announce that my debut novel, THE DRAGON’S RING, is now available.

All along I believed the release date to be August 28th. My publisher gave me that date when she sent the Galleys. Today, August 1st, I received an email from my publisher with an apology. She headed the email, “I made a biiiggg oopsie!” ¬†Apparently, my book came out last Thursday, July 28th.

I thought I had a month yet to prepare, but it’s here!!! I laughed and wrote my publisher, “Hurrah!”

Some authors might have been upset to learn they missed their opening day, but I’m fine with this news, in fact happy. My book is for sale. People are seeing it on sites, and hopefully purchasing it now.

I can’t explain the emotion that swept over me when I found it on Amazon. The cover by Amanda L. Matthews is amazing, and one can’t help but be drawn to it. I was overjoyed to discover it on the first page in my search. Out of 1,934 books, it’s number 11.

Here are the buy links:




It will also be available at Overdrive, BN and iTunes, but I don’t have the links yet.

ISBN: 9781621355663

Browse these links and check out my book. Tell your friends. Rejoice with me that the day has come and my novel is now available for all to see and read.



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